Swimming Pool Projects

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  • Erbil Sport Center
  • Azady Sport Center (Erbil)
  • ICE Land Sport Center (Erbil)
  • Merwary Sport Center ( Khanaqeen)
  • Kalar Sport Center
  • Police Academy Sport Center (Erbil)
  • Al-Shabab Club Koysingaq
  • Titanic Hotel 1 5Star ( Sulymaniyah )
  • Mehrako Hotel 4Star
  • Titanic Hotel 2 VIP
  • Hotel Jawahir swimming pool
  • Arena Sport Center
  • Pasha Sport Center (Sulymaniyah)
  • High Class Center
  • Sulymaniyah Sport Center
  • Kara swimming pool
  • Salim swimming pool
  • Chwarchra swimming pool
  • Halapcha Shaheed Sport Center
  • Semi Olympic Swimming pool Sulymaniyah
  • Naytoral Semi Olympic Swimming Pool
  • Atlantic Semi Olympic Swimming pool
  • Shahana Sport Center ( semi olympic swimming pool Said Sadik )

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